• Gift Materials Policy

    • Gift books, magazines, and other materials may be accepted by the library.  Their inclusion in the collection will be subject to the usual methods of selection.  In no case will a book be added simply because it was a gift.
    • Gifts are accepted with the provision that they may be disposed of as best meets the needs of the library, through addition to the collection, as gifts to other libraries in the area or as contributions to local charitable organizations.  Any physically damaged and/or completely out-dated materials remaining are made available for recycling.
    • The library will NOT appraise gifts for purposes of income tax deduction.  Such appraisals are the responsibility of the donor.
    • The Director or Head Librarian has the final word in accepting gift material.
    • No gift will be accepted unless they are an outright gift with no strings attached.  The donor can never reclaim a gift of old books and materials and he/she has no say as to what should be done with them.
    • Gifts of money, property or stock will be accepted if the Thorp Public Library Board feels the conditions are favorable.
    • When library materials are donated in memory of an acquaintance, friend, or family member, an article will be placed in the “Book of the Week” column of the Thorp Courier.  This article will state the name of the material, who donated the time and in whose memory the material was donated.
     Approved by the Thorp Public Library Board, Dated: May 3, 2006