• Weapons Policy

    To ensure a safe and inviting atmosphere, the Thorp Public Library prohibits anyone from entering the building with concealed or openly visible firearms or other dangerous weapons with the exception of those carried by authorized law enforcement agents.

    The “concealed carry” provision was added to Wisconsin’s trespassing laws in 2011. The statute does state, s. 943.13(1m)(c) 4, it is a “Class B Forfeiture” for anyone who  ”… Enters or remains in any part of a building that is owned, occupied, or controlled by the state or any local governmental unit… if the state or local governmental unit has notified the actor not to enter or remain in the building while carrying a firearm or with that type of firearm.”

    A sign is prominently displayed at the front doors stating that ‘Firearms are prohibited’ and anyone who disregards this regulation is subject to removal from the library and/or restrictions of library privileges.  If necessary, further action will be taken by library staff to notify the Thorp Police if a person is unwilling to cooperate with this policy.

    Approved by the Thorp Library Board  Dated:  September, 2011