• Thorp Public Library Card Policy

    By acquiring a library card and signing the Patron Registration Form, Thorp Public Library patrons agree to the following terms:

    • Show Library card for checkout of all materials
    • All materials are returned by due date and are subject to fines if they become overdue (see Circulation policy).  A $5.00 limit on fines or fees will be allowed. Over $5.00, materials will not be allowed to be checkout to that account holder and time on the computers may be limited until fines are paid.
    • All materials are to be returned in the same condition as when checked out, damaged materials are subject to fees and/or replacement costs (see Damaged/Lost policy)
    • Parents and guardians are responsible for items checked out on a juvenile’s card and for determining what materials are appropriate.
    • Patron must notify the library if account information changes
    • Patron must notify the library if card is lost or stolen.  A $2.00 fee will be charged for replacement cards.
    • Patron is responsible for ALL use of library card and account with or without consent of card owner.  Library users who allow another individual to use their card have consented to the access of their private and confidential library use records by the user/holder of the library card.
    • Linked library cards: 

    Library users have the option to associate or link their library cards with other individuals; forming a group as a way to share account information.  It allows users to check the status of linked accounts, pick up reserve books, pay fines, and check out items on linked cards.

    Parents may link their children (under 16 years old) without the child’s signature, but all adults must be present when creating an adult association and sign a Linked Library Card Agreement.  Adults choosing to link library cards have consented to the access of their private and confidential library use records with all parties linked.  (Linking library cards waives your privacy rights)   Any person may be linked to only one group at a time. 

    Cards may be ‘unlinked’ at any time by any adult member, as long as ALL cards are in good standing.  All fees or fines must be cleared before a group is dissolved.  The entire group will be dissolved when one person has signed the Dissolution clause.  Library staff will refer to Linked Library Card Agreement for Dissolution clause.


    Contact library staff to link library cards and sign Linked Library Card Agreement.





    Approved by Thorp Public Library Board

    Dated:  Feb. 20, 2013