• Open Records Notice

    The following is the notice to the public regarding the availability of public records required of this authority by Wisconsin Statutes, Section 19.34(1).  This notice has been adopted by the Thorp Public Library Board and is available for public inspection and/or copying upon request.

    The authority that has adopted this notice is described as follows:

    Thorp Public Library

    Records of this authority shall be available at the following times and places:

    Monday through Thursday (except on designated holidays): 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Thorp Public Library

    401 South Conway Drive

    Thorp, WI  54771

    The legal custodian of the records for this authority is the Thorp Public Library Director.  In the absence of the legal custodian, the Thorp Public Library Assistant Librarian has been appointed to act as deputy legal custodian.

    Any member of the public who desires to obtain information and access to the records in the custody of this authority, or who desires to make a request for records or obtain copies of records, or obtain information regarding the costs thereof should contact the legal custodian or deputy named above.

    Approved by the Thorp Public Library Board, Dated: January 4, 2006