• Lost or Damaged Materials

    • Charges for materials that are lost or damaged beyond use will equal the replacement price of the item, plus a $5.00 processing fee, as well as any overdue fines and will be assessed to the patron which the item was checked out to. (Inter-library loan materials subject to lending library’s policy/fees)
    • A patron may replace a lost or damaged item with an exact copy of equal value and format upon approval by Library Director, but will still be responsible for overdue fines.
    • When materials are paid for, the patron will be given a receipt upon request.
    • Replacement charges are not refundable.


    • If library items become overdue, the librarian will call and write periodically until the items are returned.  Failure to receive a notice does not alter the borrower’s responsibility for an item.  If items still are not returned after a period of three months, the librarian will turn the matter over to the Thorp Police Department as the patron will be considered in violation of Wisconsin State Statue 943.61, Theft of Library Material.
     Approved by the Thorp Public Library Board, Dated:  April 1, 2009